DIY Flower Projects

Shocked by the florist's estimate? DIY may be a good choice for you. Remember, if you choose to use fresh flowers, you will have to make the arrangements and/or bouquets right before the wedding, so think seriously about your timeline for the day before your wedding and decide if you have the time to do them. If you live in a large city, most likely there is a flower wholesaler you can use. Internet wholesalers may be good options for those in smaller towns.

A trial run is strongly recommended for DIY flowers. Practice makes perfect and you don't want to be practicing minutes before you walk down the aisle. If you use an internet company, a trial run will also give you an idea of the company's product (most offer some kind of sample package).

Design Help

KnottieFleur_de_lis has an incredible floral resource. Lots of books and tips on DIY flowers.

Fresh Flowers

2G Roses: monthly listing of availability, rose test package
Big Rose
Rose Source
The Flower Exchange

The inclusion of these sites is not an endorsement of the products or services.