Do It Yourself

Floored by the cost of those invites? Think you can make a better veil yourself? Plenty of brides choose to make parts of their weddings themselves (known as DIY brides) to save money or to lend a personal touch.

Before you dive into a pile o' projects, pause for a moment. Do a little research and soul-searching. DIY isn't always cheaper than just buying something, but a DIY project almost always allows much more personalization and customization than what you can buy already made.

So whip out the calculator, figure out the supplies you'll need and add it up. Then think about how much time you are willing to commit to a project. How many will you have to make? Do you like crafty projects? If you hate crafts or design, it may not be worth the pain and effort to do a large project like invitations or complicated programs.

Fair warning given, here are some resources that will help you on your way to Martha Stewart-esque glory!

Templates: use the work of another bride as a start to save yourself some work!

Paper: sites and ideas for paper products

Fabric: sites and ideas for fabric projects

Flowers: sites and ideas for DIY flowers

Other Decor: sites and ideas for other DIY decor