Male Attire

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Men just don't have as many options as women do for attire, which may be good news for some grooms. That said, there are still some rules about what men should wear.

PSA from the resident etiquette guru on The Knot, Chad_n_Jared:

Below are the kinds of clothing for formal weddings. Semi-formal and informal have different clothing and are less restrictive to stay within the rules.

7a-Noon: Morning coat

Noon-6p: Stroller

6p-Midnight: Tux (black) and Tux (black)

6p-Midnight: Tux (white jacket)

6p-Midnight: Tails (black tie)

6p-Midnight: Tails (white tie)

Ever wonder why hem lengths are named Street, Tea and Floor/Evening? Because that's when or where you wear them. Ladies have different clothing for different times of day. Guy's clothing is the same way. It's not the same outfit for all day long. Not to confuse you, but tails and white jackets have specific wear rules. Let's just say tails are the most formal you can be and white jackets are for dinner only.

It's now common for men to wear a necktie at night, but it's actually for daytime. Bowties (where this kind of clothing are concerned) are for after 6. Men also mix up vest (daytime) or cummerbund (after six), but I included both for reference.

Boys don't wear tuxes. They wear Eton suits.

If your guy wants to break the rules, then that's his choice, but at least know them first.

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